Filthy Animal

About Chad


Chad the Crypto Cock


Introducing Chad, the one and only Crypto Cock.  Chad is a foul mouthed fowl, who lives for 4 things in life; Chicks, Travelling, Soccer and Cryptocurrencies.


Chad has a desire to share his epic adventures with everyone, especially in these trying times and conceived a plan to do just that by combining those 3 things that he loves most. If all goes well, Chad plans to buy that Lambo he always wanted, the chicks dig those things, he can’t drive, he is a rooster, but he can certainly do things in the back seats (if it has any)... and the front seats… and on the hood… and in the trunk… and on the roof… and many other places that you haven't even thought of!


Join the dirty bastard on his journey and collect his merch as a reminder of the awesome time he shared with you… please just buy it, I want him out of my house... he is “stealing” my wife!


Chad has been on some epic adventures and there are more to come!  Watch this space!


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